Resorts World Sentosa

Having company dinner at Compass Ballroom of Resorts World Sentosa.
The ballroom

The menu

RWS Appetizer Delight
Chicken Gold Coin, Smoked Duck Breast with Mango Salsa, Marinated Baby Octopus in Chili Sauce, Marinated Sea Jelly with Spring Onion, Prawn Salad

Traditional Golden Thick Soup with Seafood Treasure
Shredded Sea Cucumber, Crabmeat, Black Fungus, Shredded Mushroom, Dried Scallop

Taste more like a tasteless mushroom soup. Needing more seasoning.

Traditional Roasted Chicken with Prawn Crackers

The crackers are not crispy.

Steamed Live Seabass in Spring Onion Soy Sauce

The fish does not seem fresh as it is easily sliced into bits and pieces by the server. Horrible.

Stir Fried Prawns with Celery and Bell Pepper in Basil Spice Sauce

Very spicy.

Broccoli topped with Crabmeat, Bamboo Pith and Egg White Sauce, garnished with Wolfberries

Broccoli tastes undercooked, abit too hard for me.

Eight Treasures Fried Rice wrapped in Lotus Leaf

Too soft for the fried rice.

Chilled Cream Mango with Aloe Vera and Pomelo

Barely able to find the Aloe Vera.

Resorts World Sentosa

Address : 8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore 098269

Website :


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