Menya Musashi 麺屋武蔵

First time visiting The Star Vista, very big with a number of shops. As Menya Musashi seem to be the only one with crowd, decides to have lunch there.

All of us order the lunch set – one ramen with one side dish, but cannot upsize the ramen potion. Sad for the guys who are looking forward to upsize when they noted that the poster said one can upsize up to 5 times. Can see their faces are down.

The Side Dishes :

Curry Ika ($14.90++ with Cha Shu Ramen )

Crispy sotong with curry taste

3-pc Fried Chicken (with Cha Shu Ramen $13.90++)

Abit too salty for me.

Cha Shu Maki (Tobiko) ($14.90++ with Cha Shu Ramen)

4-pc Bokuto Gyoza ($14.90++ with Cha Shu Tsukemen)

This side dish takes the longest time to arrive, after we have finished our ramens. Don’t know if it is left out in our order is it?

Cha Shu Ramen (White Soup base)

Cha Shu Tsukemen (Black Soup Base)

The Black soup base is much more salty than the white one, with a fat forming easily on top.

Used as a dipping soup for the ramen. Just like the dry mee poh at the hawker centre. Not a bad idea, so that we can control the amount of soup we drink.

Menya Musashi 麺屋武蔵

Address :  1 Vista Exchange Green #B1-08, The Star Vista, Singapore

Tel : 66942515


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