Bistro du Vin @ Shaw Centre

It’s Restaurant Week again. So excited to have good at promotion prices.
It’s raining heavily but I am sure it will be off to a good start.

Cozy little place, away from the crowded Isetan Scotts. It brings out warmess in a cold wet day.

Some bread to start with.

The menu for the promotion

Starter :

Scrambled egg with mushroom and chorizo on toast
For such a simple dish, it tastes wonderful. The thinly sliced salty sausage is balanced out by the plain egg.

Cauliflower soup with fourme d’ambert
Thick soup with strong tasty bits of cheese on top.

Main :

Coq Au Vin with mash
The chicken is so seasoned in red wine and very tender.

Baked Salmon ala “grenobloise” with lemon, capers, croutons butter sauce and salad.
It’s not easy to find a dish of salmon that’s not overlooked and dry. The cook has done it right here.

Dessert :

Banana crumble with triple chocolate ice-cream
Pipping hot crumble with ice cold ice cream, ooh it’s so sinful.

Creme brûlée

Total Damages : $58.85

Bistro du Vin @ Shaw Centre
Address : 1 Scott Road, Shaw Centre #02-12 Singapore 228208

Website :

FB :

Tel : 6733 7763

Operating Hours : 12 noon -2pm, 6.30pm -10pm


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