After 2 weeks, I am back here for dinner. This time around I come 30 minutes before the restaurant opens for business. Was told to come back 15 minutes, ‘cos they open at 6pm. Cannot leave name and contact numbers, no matter how I try.

15 minutes I am back with about 6 – 8 of people in front of me in the queue. I already queuing at the end of the second unit of the restaurant.

Pan Fried Foie Gras with Lentils and pickled Onions ($7.90++)

Feels the foie gras will be better if cooked a bit longer. A bit too pink inside. The lentils is well cooked and soft.

Angel Hair Pasta with Sherry minced Pork and Sakura Ebi ($3.90 ++)

The ever tasty Mee Kia with the dried shrimp on top.

Confit of Salmon with Apple and Fennel Salad ($9.90++)

The undercooked salmon never fails to impress with its melt in the mouth texture. Better than sashimi.

Angel Hair Pasta with Tiger Prawns ($6.90++)

Taste similar to the other angel hair pasta dish.

Crispy Pork Belly with poached Egg and Diced Vegetables ($10.90 ++)

My dinning mate who is having this, agrees with me that the crispy skin is divine.

Confit of Duck with Orange Segments and Sauté Shittake ($9.90++)

Tender and well cooked duck meat.

What’s on the wall.

The ever busy kitchen

Total Damages : $58.10


Address : #01-05, 5 Purvis Street, Singapore 188584
Tel : 6333 3121, 9125 0124
Operating Hours : 12noon – 3pm, 6pm – 9.30pm
Website :
FB :


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