Late Plate

A late lunch at Late Plate.


So much things on the menu on the board. What to order?

Hershey’s Chocolate ($6) , Hershey’s Mocha ($6) in the background
The ice chocolate tastes rather normal, not thick enough for me.

Granny Smith Apple Juice ($6)

Wonton Cheese Nachos($9.90)
Goes very well with mint dip that comes with it.

House Salad ($10.90)

Egg Benedict – Smoked Ocean Trout ($17.90)

The thick creamy sauce goes very well with the toast and not covered by the fish taste.

Dark Chocolate & Pistachio Tart ($5)
Full of the chocolate taste but none of the pistachio. A disappointed.

Total damages : $61.70

Late Plate
Address : 11 Kent Ridge Drive, #01-03 Shaw Foundation Alumni House, Singapore 119244
Website :
Tel : 8328 3127

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