Gurney Drive

Tonite having dinner with family at Gurney Drive.

Wall filled with black and white photos.

Jackfruit Juice($3.50 regular)
Fresh jackfruit blended to give a soothing taste. Helps digestive system in the human body.
Thick with bits of jackfruit in it, blended with ice.

Premium Crawfish Prawn Noodle($10.90)
Signature Penang Hokkien Prawn Noodle, accompanied with luxurious crayfish!
The pork ribs in the prawn noodle is well cooked that it easily removes from the bones.

Assam Curry Fish Head ($20.90)
Fresh fish head simmered in a smoothed Assam curry with succulent lady fingers, tomatoes, red and green chillies, served with 2 plates of white rice as a foil for the tongue-tingling gravy.
Very thick and spicy gravy.

Lemon Mantis Prawn ($6.90)
Made from fresh mantis prawns. Stirred fried in lemon sauce.
Very sweet and tasty. Do not look or taste like prawn. Very small amount.

Grilled Stingray ($7.90)
Succulent stingray grilled in special homemade sauce.
The stingray is grilled just right as it is still juicy and not dry. Very tasty and spicy sauce.

Penang Cendol ($2.90)
Fresh Cendol and red bean served in coconut milk and shaved ice sweetened with special brown sugar syrup.
Too bad not fresh coconut milk. But the Cendol taste good and soft.

Total damages : $62.40

Gurney Drive
Address : Jubilee Square #01-07/10, Ang Mo Kio, Singapore
Tel : 64551202
Website :


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