Yum Cha 饮茶酒楼

At first plans to go Red Star for dim sum brunch, but the restaurant is closed for holiday. We end up at Yum Cha. Aswe are still early before the usual lunch crowd, there is no queue for table. Here you select the food from the various push carts going around. The wait staffs will then write the items on the card on the table.


Scallop Pea-shoot Dumpling ($4.50)

Very thin skin, filled with the fresh prawn and scallop.


Prawn & Mango Sesame Fritters ($4.00)

Interesting item, filled with a big chuck of mango inside. If the outside could be more crispy, it will be better.


Deep-fried Custard Roll ($2.80)

A bit cold when served. Tastes like a bread rolled up with custard in it. Not crispy also. Disappointing.


Filo Scallop Roll ($4.50)

Very crispy and light. Like the crispy bee hoon skin.


Century Egg and Lean Meat Congee ($2.80)

The congee is cooked to very fine, barely see the grains. Well-seasoned.


Crystal Chives Dumpling ($3.80)

Never have crystal dumpling with this filling. Usually it is red bean filling. Very thin skin and the chive filling is not overpowering.


Spinach Siew Mai ($4.00)

Interesting version of Siew Mai.


Fish Roe Siew Mai ($3.50)

Taste similar to the other siew mai,very fresh and cruchy filling, especially this version has the cruchy fish roe on top.


BBQ Pork Rice Flour Roll ($3.50)

Thin and soft.


Stir-fried Glutinous Rice ($4.00)

Small amount but tasty. A lot of the small pieces of dried chinese sausage.

Total Damages = $51

Yum Cha 饮茶酒楼

Website : http://www.yumcha.com.sg/

Address : 20 Trengganu Street (Off Temple Street), #02-01 (Chinatown) Singapore 058479

Tel : 6372 1717

Operating Hours : 11am – 11pm (Monday – Friday), 9am – 11pm (Saturaday, Sunday & Public Holiday)

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