Heng Hua Restaurant

Tonite my family is having reunion dinner at Heng Hua Restaurant. This place specialises in Xing Hua Cuisine.

Prosperity Yu Sheng (Raw Fish Salad) with a pair of oranges and a lottery ticket in the paper bag.

Adding the seasoning, plum sauce, oil, fresh lime juice and salmon slices on top.

Now we are all ready to give the dish a good toss. Huat Ah! May all us have good luck for the rest of the year!

Shark’s Fin Soup

My favourite dish – Shrimp Roll

Hot and crispy on the outside, soft and full of stuffing like minced pork, prawns, water chestnuts. Go well with sweet flour sauce.

Braised Beancurb skin, mushroom with broccoli

Steamed Herbal Prawns

Basically it is the Bamboo Prawns served in a plate, instead of the usual bamboo bowl and without the soup. Missed the soup.

Cold dish – jelly fish, fried century egg, pork belly, spring rolls, mini shrimp balls.

The pork belly slices going very well with the garlic sauce. Very disappointed with the fried dishes, as they are served cold and seem to have been cooked a long time ago.

Mee Sua

The never fail to impress dish. Don’t know how the mee sua is cooked until it taste like bee hoon. LaLa, dried beancurb, sea weed, roasted peanuts, cabbage, prawns, pork are all in this dish.

Steamed Seabass

Oh they seem to have forgotten about the fish. Have to remind them about it.

Pork with garlic

The black garlic sauce is addictive, that we wiped clear the dish with the sliced cucumber.

Red Bean Paste Glutinous Riceball

Too much starch in the red bean paste, feel like eating glue. The riceballs are undercooked. You still can see the flour in them.

Overall it has been a disappointing dinner, compare to the usual. Could be due to ups and downs caused by the heavy rain that night and the bigger than usual crowd. Some have to change tables halfway through their dinner. What a nite.


Heng Hua Restaurant

Address : Blk 748 Yishun Street 72, #01-212, Singapore 760748

Tel : 67571762

Operating Hours : 11am – 11pm

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