Waroeng Penyet


After shopping at suntec city, we gone to Waroeng Penyet at Liang Seah street for dinner. Got a 27 number tag after making payment for order at the cashier.


Our drinks : Es Alpukat ($3.50) & Milo Dino ($2.50)

The first one is avocado juice, very thick and creamy.

The second one is milo (chocolate) drink with milo powder on top.


Plain rice ($0.50)


Sate Ayam (Grilled Chicken Satay)

Too big a piece, but the sauce is not spicy.


Ayam Penyet (Flatted Fried Chicken)

The chicken is already cut into pieces, easy to eat.


KangKung Belacan

The stired fried kangkong (morning glory) with the spicy sauce is simply powerful.


Sayur Asem

The sour vegetable soup is not too sour, just right for cold wet day.

Waroeng Penyet
Address : 1 Liang Seah Street, Singapore 189022

Tel : 63371452

Operating Hours : Sunday to Wednesday 11am – 11pm, Thursday – Saturday 11am – 12mn
Website : http://www.Waroengpenyet.com


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