Fort Cornwallis

Visiting the place just before we check into the Sunway George Town Hotel. RM$2 for admission.

Fort Cornwallis is the historic cornerstone of George Town. This where Francis Light landed in 1786 to establish a British trading post. The star-shaped fort was the first military and administrative base of the East India Company. The Fort was first built with nibong palm and then with brick in 1793, and subsequently rebuilt in 1810. It used to be surrounded by a moat and still features a flagstaff, a gunpowder magazine and a chapel.


Constructed in 1814, the gunpowder magazine located at the North-West bastion of the fort was used to store explosives. Its pillbox shaped design with thick wall was meant to minimise damage in the event of an explosion.



In this fort, there are many canons. In the year 1808, there were seventeen cannons laid in the fort. The English authority had taken these cannons from pirates who invaded the monarchy of Johor which was under the rule of the Dutch. In 1871, the British seized twenty nine types of weapons and one of them was Sri Rambai Cannon.





Fort Cornwallis

Address : Padang Kota Lama, 10200 Penang, Malaysia. (Fort Cornwallis is on the edge of Central Georgetown on Jalan T. S. S. Barakbah off Lebuh Light.)

Operating Hours : 8.30am-7.00pm daily


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