Tower Heist


Gotten a pair of tickets to premiere of Tower Heist movie at The Cathay on Tuesday last minute from UIP Singapore and OMY.

Usually a movie that Eddie Murphy starred in, 80% it is about him and no one else. So boring watching such a movie.

Not so for Tower Heist. Maybe because Ben Stiller is paid the most among the actors in this movie, $15 M. While Eddie is paid $7.5 M for his work.

Josh Kovacs (Ben Stiller) is the manager of very luxurious residence The Tower. No handphones rule, no tips rule under his management.

Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda) the penthouse resident is placed under house arrest for stealing $2 billion. The movie tries to make him like a Bernie Madoff like character, make it looks like a Ponzi scheme.

Josh is affected as he had given the retirement fund of the staff to Arthur to invest. He tries to get back the money and ended up being fired.

He learnt from the FBI that the money is still missing. He made up his mind to form a gang to break the safe in Arthur’s apartment.

After been through alot of ups and downs, they finally break the safe which turns out to be empty. They ended up stealing a car. It is funny how they try to bring the car from the apartment. They are caught by the FBI but not with the car.

Never thought one can hide a car in such a place. That’s for you to find out.

Tower Heist

Time: 7:20 PM

Venue: THE CATHAY @ 2 Handy Road

Website :


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