The Rose Veranda


Got a booking at 11.30am for lunch at the Rose Veranda through restaurant week website. It is at the second floor of the hotel.


The dessert counter at the enterance.


The tea menu of more than 100 choices of tea.


The beautiful lights on top of us.


Ordered 2 types of tea (As this is a restaurant week promotion, one is allowed 1 type of tea, instead of the usual unlimited choices).


Winter Palace Tea – This black tea is embellished with notes of strong forest honey and chestnuts.

The Winter Palace Tea (the white pot) has a sweet aftertaste.


Heart of Happiness – A magnificent and enveloping creation of white tea leaves handcrafted into a heart bouquet of amaranth, jasmine and dragon lines.

Heart of Happiness is light in taste.


Duck wrap, smoked duck slices, cooked salmon, cooked prawn sushi, ika sushi, california maki

The 4-type(also got beancurb skin sushi) of sushi are kept fresh in a small 2-shelved fridge. The salmon goes well with cream on top of it.


Prawns salad

The salad served in glass are displayed on a 3-tier on the main counter.

Simple with thousand island sauce over the big juicy prawns.


Potato and leek soup

The soup of the day is being served by the wait staff. Thick and creamy.


Roasted Duck

Sliced on the spot and served with sweet plum sauce and hosin sauce. Thin and goes well with the sauce.


Grilled vegetables (in a bowl), Seared Tuna, Smoked salmon on some greens and cheese, Cheese on tomato slice.

The grilled vegetables are soft and well flavoured.


Lamb stew, Fried chicken, Stir-fried vegetables, Steamed Seabass

The lamb is well cooked, while the fried chicken is abit hard. The steamed fish tends to stick to the teeth.


Rose Sorbert

Another dish served by the wait staff, it was displayed so beautifully in a cone with a rose petal in the bowl. Interesting combination the crystal jelly on it.



Creme burle, passionfruit pudding

The passionfruit is simply too sour for me.


Bread pudding

Soft custard like filling in it.


Durian cake, Cake of the month – Passion fruit cake, Almond cake, Monkey cake

The monkey cake is actually chocolate banana cake with pieces of banana in the pie-like base. Soft but I like it the best.


Biscuit, 3 different type of chocolate, strawberry dipped in chocolate, mashollow dipped in chocolate

The matcha taste need abit to get used to.


2-type of ice-cream in the dessert counter.


The dessert counter.

Total damages : $25 ++ x 2 persons = $58.85

The Rose Veranda

Address : Mezzanine Level, Tower Wing of Shangri La Hotel, 22 Orange Grove Road, Singapore 258350

Website :

Tel : 6213 4486

Opening Hours :

Lunch spread (11.30am – 6pm)
Traditional English afternoon tea (3 – 6 pm)

Weekends and public holidays
High Tea (11.30am – 2.30pm, 3 – 6 pm)

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