Tai Hing


Last meal in Shanghai city before we part.

While waiting for a table, we are served with paper cups of ice lemon tea and BBQ pork. This is good service, don’t know can find in Singapore or not.


Table setting.


Grand light above our table.


The Menu.


Roasted Eight Treasures – Roasted goose, soy sauce chicken, roasted pork, barbecued pork, sucking pig, classic chicken,  jelly fish,beef shank ( 88 yuan/ 4pax, 300g)


Steamed spare ribs with garlic in soy bean sauce (52 yuan, 200g)

Also ordered

Baby cabbage and preserved egg in white soup (32 yuan, 200g)

Braised yellow croaker with fresh tomatoes (68 yuan, 350g)

Total damages : 270 yuan

Tai Hing Restaurant

Address :  Level 5, RafflesCityShanghai No. 268 Xizang Rd, Shanghai, China 200001

Website : http://www.taihingroast.com


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