Family Restaurant 食在朱家角


The live crabs next to the restuarant.


The menu.


The fish soup. 白丝鱼

Nice but beware of the thin and long bones.


Shrimps boiled in salted water.盐水虾 (34 yuan)

Tasty, but very small sized that we do not know should eat with the shells ot peel the shells.


The Crabs (20 yuan/pc)

Full of roe and very hot.


Braised Pork, wrapped in bamboo leaves 红烧扎肉 (5 yuan/pc)

Very soft. The fat has a melt in the mouth effect and the bamboo leave give it a different taste.

Total damages : 119 yuan (exclude the fish soup, include a bottle of beer 10 yuan)



Address : Zhujiajiao Town, Qingpu District, Shanghai, China

Website :

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